Our Approach


We've seen dozens of transactions over the years. They typically sprawl over many unpleasant months with seemingly endless due diligence and significant legal bills.

Because we have no outside investors or other bureaucracy to navigate, we move from initial conversations to offers within weeks and aim to close within 60 days after that.


In many cases when founders receive term sheets, they're left wondering what the terms of the deal actually are - cash at close, performance-based earnouts, complicated classes of equity with preferences, etc.

Our deals will be straightforward and easy to understand. Essential deal terms will fit on one page.


Simply put, we want to buy great software businesses. We don't need to answer to an investment committee or fit a company into a rubric.

We will work with founders to meet their interests while also positioning their company for significant long-term success.

Sample Timeline

  1. Day 1Initial Conversation with Founder30 - 60 minute phone conversation to meet, discuss your Company and evaluate mutual fit.
  2. Day 10Presentation of OfferAfter reviewing Company-provided information and working to understand the founder's interests, we'll present a simple, fair one-page offer.
  3. Day 45-70Close DealAfter agreeing to terms, we'll conduct diligence quickly and work with the founder to build a plan for the first 100 days post close that preserves culture and sets the Company on a path for profitable, accelerated growth.

What we're looking for:

  • Organic, Product-Led Profitable Growth1Your Company is growing due to its great product(s) but you could use help figuring out how to accelerate.
  • Strong Retention1High customer retention relative to peers and strong revenue expansion potential
  • Team1We seek to work with Companies that have a core team in place - at least one business leader and a few valued developers.
  • Scale, Growth, Profitability1We like to buy companies that have grown to $1M - $5M in ARR and score at least 50 on the "Rule of 40" scale.

Buyers for the long haul

If you want personal liquidity and to see your business and employees thrive for many years into the future, we can help.

Send us a note!

If you've got a SaaS company you're interested in selling or know somebody who does, we'd love to hear from you.

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